Petrol vs Hybrid vs Diesel cars: Who should buy what [Video]

Should i buy a petrol car or a diesel car? This is a confusion that many people who are planning to buy a car have faced and are still facing. Adding to the confusion, now we have electric and even strong hybrid cars in the market. With stricter emission norms and manufacturers dumping diesel engines, people are now confused between petrol and strong hybrid. On paper strong hybrid version of a car return more fuel efficiency than a regular petrol engine and that is very tempting especially when you consider rising fuel prices. There are many more factors that one should consider before deciding. Here we have a video that explains just that.

The video has been uploaded by Aayush Tanwar on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger explains the cost of ownership of a petrol, hybrid and diesel vehicle to see which one is more economical over the years. When he recorded the video, prices for Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara had not been published yet so, he took Toyota Hyryder for his analysis. As Toyota is not offering a diesel engine with Hyryder, he also considered Honda City, which is available with petrol, diesel and hybrid options.

He starts with Hyryder first. He considered the top-end mild hybrid automatic and strong hybrid verison of the Hyryder. The ex-showroom price of both these variants are 17.09 lakh and 18.99 lakh respectively. The on-road price of this SUV is Rs 19.73 lakh for mild hybrid and 21.91 lakh for the strong hybrid version. He is only considering the cost of fuel for this analysis. The price mentioned here is an approximate cost of Delhi. The difference between both these SUVs is Rs 2.17 lakh.

In order to see which one is more economical, one has to check how much time will it take him to actually recover the difference amount between both the vehicles, in the form of fuel savings. He takes the claimed fuel economy and the currrent petrol prices in Delhi for calculation. He takes the maximum driving distance in a day as 100 km. On the basis of calculation, After calculation, he found that in order to start benefiting from a Strong Hybrid vehicle especially the Toyota Hyryder, he will have to drive the car 100 kms everyday for almost 5 years. Only after that, he can recover the extra cost that he has paid over the regular petrol version. The number of years would simply increase if the daily running of the vehicle comes down.

Petrol vs Hybrid vs Diesel cars: Who should buy what [Video]

After the Hyryder, he takes Honda City as an example. The vlogger calculates the cost of ownership of all the varaints in the same manner. On paper, the strong hybrid version of the City was more fuel efficient than the diesel engine but, it is also way more expensive than petrol and diesel version. After calculation, the vlogger found that the  difference between running cost of strong hybrid and diesel Honda City only marginal when compared to petrol version. Vlogger finally reaches to a conclusion that if you are person who is living in metro city which currently has restrictions on diesel vehicles and mostly use the vehicle inside city, then Strong Hybrid would make more sense. If you are not living in any of the metro cities, the diesel vehicles still make sense as they are still cheaper when compared to a hybrid vehicle and offer good fuel efficiency when compared to petrol car.

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