P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Mississippi Rule

The producers of P-Valley must be pretty confident about the renewal prospects for a third season on Starz.

What other explanation exists for all the cliffhangers on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10?

Katori Hall leaving so much unresolved only reveals a lot of narratives still to be unveiled on this drama.

That’s not to say that no storylines were sewn up. Well, sort of, anyway.

Most importantly, Ernestine survived the Rona and returned home as cantankerous as ever. That’s not surprising. She’s too good a character to kill off so predictably. 

Carefree Clifford - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

In a perfectly Ernestine move, she even arranged her welcome-home party, retaining Big L, Duffy, and the Ugandans to convert The Pynk into Ernestine’s Juke Joint.

Sadly, we didn’t get to hear Ernestine perform. But she was recovering from a severe respiratory illness, so that’s understandable.

Do we mark Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda’s relationship as resolved? As with any May-December romance, it’s probably too early to do so, unfortunately.

They ended the season in a better place. But, as always, it was a rocky road for them to get  there.

Tour Stop - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Clifford attempted to do the noble thing. She nudged Murda toward putting his career first by going on tour as the opening act for Tina Snow.

But, when they said goodbye, Keyshawn got Murda to rethink choosing his career over his happiness.

It should have been a pleasant reunion when Murda surprised Clifford at Ernestine’s party. But Clifford still tried to rebuff him.

It wasn’t until Clifford was stoned on oxy that she let down her guard just in time for Murda’s coming out on the dance floor. That badly-kept secret wasn’t standing between them any longer.

Partnership Sundered - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Other than her earlier temporary parting from Murda, Clifford’s day had been going reasonably well. After all, she had solved her Autumn problem.

Finally, her ramblings to Corbin back on P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 had some meaning. She had rendered The Pynk property worthless with the concept of the Corbin Kyle Canal, upon which the casino now would be built.

Since Clifford was turning Corbin into a rich man, that $250,000 check Corbin paid for a whipping by Clifford made more sense now. He could afford it.

Clifford now had the money to pay back Autumn, although it was hardly the bonanza she had hoped for. She still wasn’t ready to walk away until Big L and Diamond brought up the specter of Montavious’s murder.

Awaiting Results - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Autumn continues to be contradictory, alternately doing the right and the wrong things.

After Andre declared that he was moving his law practice to Chucalissa, she left without revealing her secret, allowing him and Brittany one more chance to make their marriage work.

Then she turned around and embezzled tens of thousands from The Pynk’s account, getting the interest she felt that she deserved. Since Clifford is broke again, she will have to allow Big L his side hustles which have helped to keep the club afloat all this time.

A blonde Autumn was shown stepping off a bus with her trash bag full of money in a Chinatown somewhere. But will that be indeed the end of her in Chucalissa? Time will tell.

Important Call - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Things are looking up for Mercedes and, shockingly, Patrice as well.

In what had to be a protest vote, Patrice won the mayoral race. The referendum in favor of the casino passed as well, so it’s too early to tell if being mayor will be a blessing or a curse for her.

But life has been turning around for Mercedes, who truly deserves that. First, without any fanfare, she gave the performance of her life behind Murda’s “7 Pounds of Pressure,” in what she later told Clifford was her last dance.

Then a $20,000 windfall came her way, royalties from Farrah’s “The Mercedes Experience” photo exhibit. That gave her the incentive to convert her gym into a pole-dance studio, a new direction that might eventually help fund her dance team.

Praying for Votes - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Then Patrice, too busy with her two jobs, awarded Terrika to Mercedes. They’re finally going to be able to live as mother and daughter, at least during Shelle’s rehab.

Keyshawn still couldn’t catch the break that she deserved, despite all the plans made by herself and Autumn.

Autumn had left her everything she needed to start a new life in the trunk of her car. All she had to do was pick up her two kids with her sister Alisha’s help.

But her evil stepmother Chanisse fouled up her plan, calling Derrick to pick up the kids since Keyshawn “had so many errands to run.”

Angry Keyshawn - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

Returning home, Keyshawn discovered that Derrick had maneuvered CPS into investigating her for child abuse for the damage he had inflicted upon Jaden. It was little wonder she finally snapped and attacked him.

Despite all that’s happened between them, Diamond was still willing to do what Keyshawn asked and go after Derrick.

But that ending was bizarre, when Delta Devoted came after Diamond, in the form of Kang and Big Bone, of all people.

After being underutilized this season, Diamond promises to have a much more significant role in P-Valley Season 3, should it happen.

Unhappy Wife - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 10

To follow the journey of Autumn/Hailey, watch P-Valley online.

What did you think of the season finale?

Why can’t Keyshawn catch a break?

Are you glad that Clifford and Murda came out as a couple?

Comment below.

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