‘Survivor’ 42: The Relationships That Strengthened & Broke Post-Season

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Survivor Season 42 is full of relationships that drive the season. One of the most powerful qualities of the season is the palpable camaraderie among the cast members. From Drea’s cheery blindside to the final tribal council that was hard-hitting but respectful.

survivor jeff probst
survivor jeff probst

But, relationships change over time. Since the end of filming for Season 42, the cast members have had a lot more time to develop with each other. Some of their relationships have only grown, some even from dark places, while others are suffering. Let’s take a look at some of these relationships and the details surrounding their strengths and/or weaknesses.

Drea & Jonathan

drea jonathan survivor 42
An image from Drea’s Twitter of her and Jonathan embracing

Jonathan’s arc in Season 42 is one that starts incredibly bright and gradually falls into darkness. Throughout the season, his agitation via his starvation and also his castmates only grows. And he’s been facing accusations of both sexism and racism since the season began to air. Many were under the impression that he and Drea were not on speaking terms after the racially-charged tribal council where they got into it, among other incidences. But that seems to be far from reality. Drea’s Twitter has a post with several happy photos of the two.

Bet you didn’t see this tweet coming. Guess who’s surfing together next month in Cali? We are! RAW conversations during and post game led to this friendship and it’s one that we will cherish forever,” reads Drea’s caption.

Drea & Omar

In contrast to Drea’s relationship with Jonathan, her relationship with Omar seems to have only gotten worse. Omar recently did a deep-dive interview on his game with Rob Has A Podcast. In the interview, he has a lot to say about Drea. He lists out a number of lies and negative things Drea has told about Omar outside of the game. He even said he’s gone to a psychologist to try and deal with some of the treatment he’s been receiving. To this day, his relationship with Drea is a non-speaking one.

omar survivor 42 surprised

These accusations from Omar cast a dark shade on Drea. She’s a player that hasn’t had much negative reception overall, given her edit was so positive. She even received the lucrative Sia award recently.

The Whole Survivor 42 Cast

Overall, many of the relationships between the cast members of Season 42 are still very strong. They’ve been constantly interacting on Twitter and Instagram. They’ve been posting videos hanging out with each other in various cities on Tiktok and elsewhere. Mike even shared photos of many of the cast members attending his recent wedding. That camaraderie from their time filming hasn’t gone away, by any means.

All of Survivor Season 42 is available to watch on Paramount+ now.

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