Latvia to reinstate compulsory military service amid Russia’s war on Ukraine

Latvia will reinstate compulsory military service for young men in response to Russian aggression, Defense Minister Artis Pabriks announced on Tuesday. More Latvians with militarily training will act to deter Russia from targeting its smaller neighbor in a so-called zero-warning attack, Pabriks said in a tweet. Men from 18 to 27 years of age will […]


Far from war, Ukraine sumo team trains for global glory in Japan

Soka, Saitama Pref. – A team of Ukrainian sumo wrestlers whose training was interrupted by Russia’s invasion are aiming for global glory after a monthlong camp in the home of the ancient Japanese sport. The six-strong Ukrainian amateur sumo team flew to the U.S. state of Alabama on Tuesday to compete in the World Games, […]


UK leaves local leaders on £8M hook for unused Brexit checks warehouse

Press play to listen to this article PORTSMOUTH, England — Boris Johnson’s government has left Portsmouth’s local council holding the bag on a nearly £8 million loan it took out to build a giant warehouse to conduct post-Brexit border checks that may now never be used. The £25 million custom-built facility on England’s south coast […]


UK’s defense peacock parade

James Snell is a writer and researcher. He has written for Spectator World, Foreign Policy and other outlets. British forces aren’t engaged in Ukraine. The country’s contribution to arming and training Ukrainian forces isn’t the largest either. And British aid doesn’t sustain Ukraine’s economy like that provided by its neighbors.  But despite all that, the United Kingdom occupies an outsized role in the war’s […]

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Russia-Ukraine war: Russia forced to leave troops behind after suffering huge losses

Russia has sustained significant losses after capturing the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, with the death and injury toll of troops so high they are being left behind, the regional governor of Luhansk said. Serhiy Gaidai said the loss of Russian troops amid heavy fighting was so severe, Russia was “not taking all their wounded with […]


‘Wir schaffen das’: Scholz channels Merkel to promote Russian gas exit plans, green transition

BERLIN — German Chancellor Olaf Scholz used his predecessor Angela Merkel’s famous saying Wir schaffen das (“We can do it”) on Tuesday as he promoted his government’s efforts to exit a long-standing dependency on Russian gas and boost the use of renewable energies. Speaking at the Economic Forum of his Social Democratic Party in Berlin, […]


Black Sea grain deal is close, says Erdoğan

ROME — Moscow and Kyiv may be just days from finalizing an agreement to allow millions of tons of Ukrainian grain to pass through the Black Sea, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In peacetime, Ukraine was a vast contributor to global food supplies, but a blockade of its Black Sea ports since the […]


Funding Ukraine’s recovery with Russian riches causes legal headache

Ukraine will fund the bulk of its post-war recovery with wealth that Western powers are confiscating from Russia’s oligarchs, according to its prime minister. But for some of Kyiv’s allies — such as Switzerland — that’s easier said than done. “The right of ownership, the right of property is a fundamental right,” Switzerland’s president, Ignazio […]


Germany readies gas emergency law amid fears of Russian cutoff

BERLIN — The German government proposed an emergency law on Tuesday that would allow it to bail out ailing energy companies amid concerns that Russia might turn off the gas tap next week. A reform of Germany’s energy security law would authorize Berlin to provide financial aid to energy companies or even bail them out, […]


Opinion | Why the U.S. dollar will be replaced as the dominant global currency — sooner than you think

Not long after the first gunfire erupted at the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia fired another multi-pronged shot, straight across NATO’s financial bow. First, and as a reaction to the crippling sanctions and its exclusion from the global SWIFT money transfer system imposed by the West, it moved quickly to protect the ruble […]